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    Can't fix 80710102 DNS error

    Hey guys!

    I'm really sorry for opening a thread for this, but i have tried man possible fixes to get my internet finally work on my ps3 again but i keeps telling me i have 80710102 dns error.

    i have tried a lot dns addresses but nothing worked. any idea?


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    According to the PS3 Error Code List, it shows the following for that error:
    80710102 - IP conflict , PS3 Cannot connect to the router with current IP information - Try rebooting your router
    Some routers I know you can do a soft and hard reset with also, not sure if it will help though.

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    meh stupid me. i have checked my ip and mac binding on my router and i had the binded to another mac address. and since my pc had the 100 ps didn't connect well.

    that error code was a bit missleading. since it had nothing to do with dns addresses.
    well at least problem solved. thank you

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