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    Can't encrypt a .SELF to EBOOT.BIN help?

    Hi all !

    i've used program unself2 to decrypt EBOOT.BIN was patch for 3.41 game (Biohazard 4 JPN) to edit for EU version of this game. Unself2 is ok but self_rebuilder.exe is couldn't encrypt back to EBOOT.BIN an error message said that "invalid type: 00000008 perror: No error"

    So anyone know how to do now. Or could you make a crack of the game (EU version) for 3.41 ?

    Thank you very much.

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    Here is the eboot.bin 3.50 info for RE4JP not patch

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Hi all pro !

    Please share the knowledge how to hack the NPDRM eboot. If more guy know more game will be share.

    Please make this game working.

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