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Thread: Can't connect Ps3 to Wireless USB Dongle via ICS?

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    nemesis63 Guest

    Can't connect Ps3 to Wireless USB Dongle via ICS?

    Hi there,

    I have an usb wireless dongle and runnig it in ICS mode (Access Point mode). I used the connection wizard for wireless on ps3 in my room and everyting worked perfectly. Then i took the ps3 to the living room (7 meters away) but this time ps3 couldn't connect to the internet (Couldn't obtain an ip adress).

    What is the problem?

    This is the dongle i have:

    Best regards

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    severusx Guest
    If you move the PS3 back to where it is closer to the PC does it pick up the network again? Are there any appliances or bathrooms between the PC and PS3?

    Assuming that you have ICS setup properly and it is continuing to share your connection, I would guess it's a signal issue. Test and post back.

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