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Thread: Can't connect with ps3 proxy server help?

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    AlJourgensen Guest

    Exclamation Can't connect with ps3 proxy server help?

    i tried every way available, correct the dns error putting same dns as router but now i have account problems with the sign in thing, on psn, i never sign in, so i create an acount that with or without ps3key on it i can't login at all, not even through the router ip adress or the computer one with ps3 proxyserver on it.

    i need help please, thanks for the attention.

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    JedTanner Guest
    If you're trying to log into PSN through a proxy server, proxy IP or a DNS that bypasses the upgrade to 3.55, you're out of luck as $ony has patched this already. The only way to get in at the moment is to update firmware to 3.55 to get in. Not sure if there are other means of logging in using 3.50 or below.

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    Correct, and as always when a new bypass method is found it will be posted in the Site News.

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