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Thread: Can't access Tiger Woods DLC help?

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    tcosol Guest

    Can't access Tiger Woods DLC help?

    I received Tiger Woods 12 as a gift from the US. I created a US Account to access the online part of the game. Downloaded extra courses as a DLC from the Playstation Store in Ireland. I can see the DLC content on the Hard Drive but the game cannot see them. New to PS3 and this was my first experience of teh Playstation Store. Is there anyway to get the content I paid for or do I put this down to an expensive rookie mistake.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Well I'm pretty sure the game and the downloaded add-ons must be from same region otherwise it won't work. So if your game is from US region then you need to download the DLC from US PSN in order to work.

    Same is with addons for PSN games.

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    tcosol Guest
    Is my best option to get an online access code to match the DLC and if so how do I go about unmatching the US online access code from my PSN account?

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