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    willebug Guest

    Can't access Savedata folder after upgrading internal hard drive?

    I recently upgraded my internal hard drive to a 1 TB. I was trying to copy some of my game saves using the FTP utility and even Comgenie file manager and both report that the folder isn't accessible, along with several other folders in the dev_HDD0 folder.

    Any ideas out there as to what I can do to regain access to these folders or if it's even possible? I backed up my smaller hard drive and restored it onto the newer one using the PS3 backup/restore utility. Not sure if that is the source of the problem or not. Thanks!

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    BwE Guest
    try a different client.

    winscp filezilla flashfxp.

    also - use blackbox ftp as its the most stable.

    i had issues with folders being denied etc in the past and it was solved with using a different client


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    willebug Guest
    Tried winscp and I'm using blackbox 1.2. It will not allow me to even access the folder. I also tried Ws_ftp pro with no luck.

    Tried other two clients with same results. Cannot change folders. It won't even let me into some of the folders outside of HDD0.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    How are you reaching the PS3? direct cable or wireless?

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    willebug Guest
    I'm using a router in my system but everything is directly connected via ethernet cables.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    ok do you have ps3 ip address?

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    willebug Guest
    Yes I have the IP address from blackbox on PS3. I can connect and use ftp to move games to the game folder I just can't access much of anything else.

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    Gumpo Guest
    A 2.5" 1TB drive that fits in the ps3? Make and Model please.

    The largest 2,5" 9.5mm disk I have found so far is a 750GB one.

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    Krisdog Guest
    I was thinking the same thing Gumpo!!! 1tb 2.5inch?

    P.S those folders are gone, backed up games will not transfer on a ps3 backup utility. Have to move them to external, then move back once int, is installed and updated. Games and files to pc is what I always do. Easy to navigate and change things. lesson learned, GOOD LUCK.

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    willebug Guest
    I never said it was a 2.5 inch. I'm not having trouble moving games. I'm having trouble accessing other folders on the drive now that I've upgraded it. If it's due to the type of drive I'm using then I'm ok with that but that doesn't make sense to me. The folders are there.

    I just cannot switch to them in any ftp client and when I try to navigate to them with Comgenie Awesome file manager they appear empty. I know I have game saves in there because they are visible to me when I play games and in the XMB. I'm just trying to back up the copy protected ones for a little peace of mind.

    BTW the drive is a WD WD10EARS 1.0TB. I've got it connected using a sata jumper cable and an external enclosure to help with heat. PS3 doesn't get near as hot as with an internal drive.

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