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    costocart Guest

    copy protected game saves cannot be transfered/backup to ext drives by any means. if you want to back it up you have to you the ps3's backup utility and it can only be restored to the original ps3.

    are you using WD Caviar green drive? if yes, than im very sad to say that you have made a very bad choice. the caviar green drives is the worst choice possible if you want to use it as int hdd for ps3 (or even as ext to play games from).

    read the following sites regarding the issue:


    next time do some research before you buy. if you want to buy a new ps3 hdd... be safe... and buy the same hdd type as the stock hdd. i've gone out of my way to search the internet about these. please don't hate me. i might be wrong though about all these.

    if the problem is solved, please give some details on how you have solved it so others can benefit from you experience. thanks

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    willebug Guest
    I appreciate the information and I will probably make some changes in that regard but I don't see how that has anything to do with the problem I'm having. Perhaps it does. I'm trying to work through formatting/restoring my system again and it's giving me trouble.

    Now that trouble I feel I may be able to blame on the drive. Looks like a no go on the restore for now so I think I will be returning the drive and getting a different one and give it a go.

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    Krisdog Guest
    I understand good and well how to use sata cables to run any type of hard drive, BTW, I was intrigued that you found a 2.5. I made an assumption. And that WAS MY INADEQUACY. as far as your issue the drive is not your problem, the size, connection and such wouldn't be relevant.

    Put all int games on ext. using any up to date manager, and erase all back up managers and comgenie
    Then reinstall backup managers, (OPENmanager 2.1d is the best of those) Gaia has a different game folder, if that is what you are using then install first, then reinstall the rest. this should work.

    If the games were there and playable, then just disappeared then maybe altering files is your issue, that's pure speculation on my part.

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