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Thread: Cannot enter PS3 Factory / Service mode help?

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    rileysnotz Guest

    Angry Cannot enter PS3 Factory / Service mode help?

    Ok here's the deal. I have an 80 GB fat CECHL08 model, OFW 4.21. Using an E3 I followed the steps to downgrade till I have to enter FSM. This is where I'm stuck.

    I turn on the switch on the back, plug in the jailbreak in the USB closest to the BD drive, press power and quickly eject. The jailbreak dongle flashes about 5 times and then the screen shows

    "Connect the controller using a USB cabl, and then press the PS button"

    It doesn't shut down like it should. What am I doing wrong? Help please! I've been at it for 12 hrs now.

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    boxbundy Guest
    I assume you put the dongle firmware on the FSM dongle? what dongle are you using? what guide are you following? you probably aren't getting help through lack of details given. do you get a blue light come on? I think from memory there is a FSM dongle firmware that does that (E3).

    It had a modded firmware to stop the loss of bluray and doesn't show the factory screen. I can't remember if it just turns off again or goes to "Connect the controller using a USB cabl, and then press the PS button" screen. I think you switch your power off from there. Find a different guide.

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    rileysnotz Guest
    I'm using this ps3 usb jailbreak dongle that my friend gave me. I'm following the e3 guide on the wiki.

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    pandulce1 Guest
    Are you using an E3? If so, check that you have the correct firmware for it. I believe there was an updated one that would boot the PS3 into FSM while the original would go into the regular XMB and you would have to power it off and on.

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    rileysnotz Guest
    no its not its called ps3 usbjailbreak. i've loaded the downgrader firmware onto it but it still does not work.

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    NTA Guest
    I'm not to sure about this, but from the latest I've heard was that it wasn't possible to exit service mode with that dongle on anthing other than 3.55.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    If you have a PSP, you may try PS3Jig

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    rileysnotz Guest
    OK that's weird. So how do I downgrade from 4.21 with an e3? Can some one point me in the right direction. I've so far followed the guide as well as numerous videos on youtube and they all go thru the same steps...

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    Vorlone Guest

    1. You need the E3 Flasher NOT the Cardreader
    2. you must make an Dump of your NOR-Flash (E3 or Progskeet...)
    3. You need the Patchfile for your Dump to bring your System in the FSM.
    4. You must Flash your Dump back to your NOR.

    All here, please read this

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    technodon Guest
    you need a device to reprogram the nor or nand chip with the 3.55 coreOS then use the dongle/jig to enter factory service mode

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