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    smerf1 Guest

    Can you use PS3 PKG Tool V0.5 to create PKG's?

    I'm trying to test something out, but I need a PKG from my PS3. I have managed to FTP out the game I want, but it is not in PKG format. And I do not know how to use PS3 PKG Tool V0.5

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Maybe if you'd elaborate a bit more what actually you're trying to achieve we might be able to help you but at the moment I'm not quite sure what exactly are you asking ...

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    smerf1 Guest
    Someone pointed out to me before (and he confirmed it to work)

    That if you are able to get a PSN game off your PS3 (previously bought off PSN before Jailbroken)
    Then find the activation key, inside the PS3's home folder.

    Then copy the PSN game/demo to the PS3(Has to be PKG, already tryed as a normal folder) then copy the Activation key to the correct path via FTP.

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