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Thread: Can you store psp games onto ps3?

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    daftytaffy Guest

    Can you store psp games onto ps3?

    hiya, i was wondering if there was a way to store psp games on the ps3 hdd and load them to play?

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    everglow21 Guest
    the file type of the PSP games are ISO and CSO. to run those games you need a CUSTOM FW and not the ones from SONY. Because well, its a fake game . If im not mistaken all the ORIGINAL games for PSP are UMD form.. and your PS3 might jst get banned

    In conclusion, I don't think you can. unless some one creates some kind of program to run it on the PS3.

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    daftytaffy Guest
    Ok thank you for the info. just got the ps3 finally so i guess my first step to read up on the blue rays onto harddive guides

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    DrEmmettBrown Guest


    Also THIS news may interest you.

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    everglow21 Guest
    AHA! just what i was saying, an emulator

    i run Gameboy games on my PSP just so u know. and im kinda new to PS3. just got mine when the SLIM came out. the first day itself. lol

    I've learnt quite a lot of stuff from going through this site, I suggest you start browsing through it

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    powerrizer Guest
    If you download a psp game from the PlayStation store onto your ps3 you can keep it their and then copy it to your psp. But you can't play the game on your ps3.

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    rickylo Guest


    yes u can.. you can store in ps3 but you can't play them.

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