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    Can You Play Region 2 DVD Movies on a U.S.A. PS3?

    Is there some hack to allow the ps3 to play DVD movies from any region? If not is there a program out there that I can use to patch my movie isos to region zero and re burn them?

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    As far as i know, there is no way to play R2 DVDs on a USA PS3.

    But you can decrypt your DVDs, make a region patch and burn them on an DVD+-R. The are various programs on the net. Google for "DVD Decryptor" or "DVD Fab".

    Hope i could help! (and excuse my bad english )

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    I think region 2 uses PAL so even if you were to remove CSS encryption and region coding on the disk, the US PS3 won't play it. I have a US PS3 and find I cannot play Region 4 titles even if they have no region code on them - the PS3 complains about not being able to play PAL discs.

    There is a way out of it. Rather than create a DVD image of the title, use DVD Shrink or whatever to rip the 4 or more vob files into one large vob file. If it's less than 4G burn the one file to a DVD and that will play on the PS3. It seems that while the BD/DVD player in the PS3 will not play PAL titles (for a US PS3) XMB doesn't care. And with the latest firmware you can get some of the upscaling features that are in the BD/DVD player

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    not possible, get a cheapo dvd player.. that has a way to make it region free.

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