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    thegavna99 Guest

    Question Can you play NTSC and JAP games on hacked PAL ps3 ?

    I was wondering if you can you play NTSC and JAP games on hacked PAL ps3 ?

  2. #2
    ModderFokker Guest
    You already can play them on a NON hacked PS3 ...lmao

  3. #3
    Rand023 Guest
    i believe i read the discs are region free the only thing you need to worry about is video. but if you have the ps3 hooked up hdmi then it doesn't matter so the answer is yes with hdmi.

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    jd200 Guest


    yes i have pal ps3 and a ntsc game works from external hd

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    thegavna99 Guest


    Thanks that cleared that up

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