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Thread: Can you edit/read pic18 usb dev kit dongle?

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    u196126 Guest

    Confused Can you edit/read pic18 usb dev kit dongle?

    Is there a computer program that I can used to update/repair my USB dongle? When I stick it in my computer, I hear the usb sound (hey something just connected), but I have no idea how to access it.

    Not even sure it's my problem, but I figured if I found the proper firmware it help me in my situation.

    bought an original Fat ps3 (with the 4usb ports and card readers) off of craigslist which was upgraded with a 1tb drive and booted off a lil red pic18 usb dev kit dongle (using 3.55 firmware) running multiman and blackftp.

    System was running fine and then to make space I was deleting previous owner game saves, now when I reboot and attempt to go into dev mode (power, than eject button) it doesn't recognize the USB dongle until after bootup and says not recognized. Not sure what to do from here, so I figured the 1st place to start was the dongle.

    And yes, I've called and emailed the seller, but no response at all...

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    What do you need the dongle/USB for any way ? What does the PS3 do without a dongle. Is it a CEX or DEX?

    What OFW is on the PS3 at the moment? Did you try to install a CFW?

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