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    bjc Guest

    Can you Convert VOB files using Nero Recode to play back on PS3?

    I did a search first for this type of topic but came up trumps!

    I have tried using my Nero Recode 2 to convert my movies (ripping with Shrink or Decrypter first) to play back on the PS3 but it would not recognize them, incompatable format or something?

    I am using the default settings with no luck, should I be using the PSP conversion tab or would this look to small and pixelated on a 32" lcd?

    Any asistance would be appreciated.


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    cyberbob Guest
    Your ps3 can read .vob if you burn them on a dvd or with a multimedia server.

    Becareful your vob had to be smaller than 4Go.

    Sometime the ps3 don't see the vob, juste rename the file with mpg and it works.

    And the most beautiful things is that you can have dolby digital 5.1 with the vob.

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    junkmail Guest
    you don't need to use nero recode if you're ripping dvd's. All you need is dvd shrink and just backup your movie as one big .vob file and transfer it to your ps3 (or stream it). I have gotten files bigger than 4gigs to work like that.

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