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    DeViLsPs3 Guest

    Thumbs Up Can you change the button layout on a JAP ps3 to UK

    Hi guys,

    my PS3 is from Japan and the circle is the select button I would like it to be the X just like the UK ps3 is it possible to change it? if so how

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    doggydawg Guest
    i dont think so ... the same thing happened to me with my psp ...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Yep, right now there is only a button swapper for the PSP... no solution for the PS3 I'm aware of sadly.

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    DeViLsPs3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by doggydawg View Post
    i dont think so ... the same thing happened to me with my psp ...
    Thanks for replying but it is very simple to change the button layout on the psp, just wish it was so easy on the ps3... never mind there may be a solution one day, that is one thing we can hope for at least.

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    triforcesnake Guest
    tried changing languages or something along that lines ?

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    drewficket Guest


    just sell ur jap ps2 and get a uk one!

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    ryogahibiki Guest
    They only include the button swapping on debug machines in the debug settings. I'm sure if everyone asks for it then Sony can include it in future firmware updates.

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