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Thread: can someone help with ps3 problem?

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    willtheboss Guest

    Exclamation can someone help with ps3 problem?

    Im having a problem with with my ps3. When i play for a while the game freezes up. So i turn it off then back on and it has green patches all over. I let it sit for a while and turn it back on it will start playing again. Has any one had this problem?

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    ati93 Guest
    maybe your lens have a problem . is your console heats when it freeze ?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Sounds more like a cleaning problem.So with time console getting scummy and if some dust will be sit on the main PUs this could couse the processor to overheat.It must not be the main PUs, it could also be a little chip or the fan itself.

    Try to open up and do some cleaning but be carefull.Or let a modder do the job

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    idone Guest
    If your "green patches" look anything like this you most likely need your RSX chip reballed.

    If you still have a warranty i suggest you use it fast!! And backup your data while you can!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    If idone meaning this "green patches" similar to the 3RLoD than i heard of some people they used a method similar to the headgun fix from the x360 and it worked.

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    idone Guest
    ^^^ while a heat gun may provide a temporary the long run it might just be better to pay someone to reflow or reball the chip...

    a heat gun can easily do more damage than good XD

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    cfwprophet Guest
    So i only can talk about my experience and there for im a console modder i have repaired a lot of x360 with the headgun fix and only a few like 2-3 from 100 does not work like a charm.All others, and costumers have confirmed, work great and flawlessly

    I dono want to dis you idone its just and only my experience

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    idone Guest
    ^^ do you heat the entire board so it does not warp?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No!I only heat up the parts that could couse this error.So CPU,GPU,RAM,SouthBrig and NorthBrig.It is not 100% cleared wich of this parts couse this 3RLoD.To head up this parts and make the x-clamp fix will work to 98% of this consoles.

    And some other hobby modders reported to me that here board warped up a litle bit.But for me this does not happen

    Im extremely carefull while fixing up a console.

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