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    RT102 Guest

    Can somebody help me REMOVE Homebrew?

    Yesterday I installed Geohot's Homebrew app via the update thingiemagig, but based on recent reports of growing likelihood of my console being banned, I'm having second thoughts. Until the dust settles, I'd like to remove the homebrew from my system and all traces.

    Can somebody help me out on this front? I have zero experience with the DEEP technical stuff. I have modded Wii's with homebrew and the like, so that's about my level of expertise.


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    gtxboyracer Guest
    just boot into Recovery, and re-flash 3.55 OFW and you are done.. also remove any Homebrew packages you have installed.

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    devi59 Guest
    Very simple, triangle on all of the homebrew apps that you installed and remove them just like any other PSN game. Then just go to the normal system update and have it redownload 3.55.

    If you were a JB dongle user then going DOWN to 3.41 is NOT a safe thing, unfortunately since you took the plunge to 3.55 going back to make your dongle work is not a safe thing to even attempt right now.

    People have sucessfully do it but if you can't even remove homebrew yourself, don't try it or you will have a paperweight.

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