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    [UnAnswered] Can PS3 JP play US PS2 Games?

    Can PS3 JP play US PS2 games? Or can I burn US PS2 game to DVD-R and play in JP PS3? PS3 play PS2 game (Copy) ? PS3 DVD region Free?


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    No, PS2 compatibility isn't region free (i dunno about copies because i don't wanna use the PS3 like a DJ)

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    In terms of ps2 games.

    NTSC ps3's can play ntsc games
    ntsc/j ps3s can play ntsc/j games
    pal ps3 can play pal games

    In terms of ps3 games, all are region free afaik.

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    Exclamation compatibility Ps3 jp.

    Hi dudes. i bought a Ps3 from japan, i want to know if i will:

    Play games form USA, Europe, etc.
    Play Games Online
    Use all kind of program: O.S.,Iso Loader, etc. (that you develop)

    I mean what are the diferences betwen them, are they the same or not ? why ?

    I salute to you el _tanito

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    The system's are the same I think, you can just change the language I bet and you can't tell the difference between Japanese and American. The only differences will be PS1 and PS2 and DVD playback because they are region protected. PS3 and Bluray will be the same in either. I might be wrong. Anyone disagree?
    European will not play on either JAP or USA systems.

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    the PS3 games will work in any region, but the BR-Movie, Ps1, Ps2 and DVD won't (unless they are specified as 'Region-free').

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    I have a Japanese PS3, here is a rundown.

    PS3 games from any region can be played on it. As far as online, some games run on dedicated servers (Resistance), meaning only being able to play people from Japan online.

    PS1 and PS2 games are still region locked, so no US or Euro games.

    Only region 2 DVDs can be played.

    As far as homebrew programs, loaders etc.. your guess is as good as anyones. But I'm sure they would run on all systems, firmware version being the more important thing to look for.

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