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Thread: Can one Unjailbreak a ps3?

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    stupodity Guest

    Can one Unjailbreak a ps3?

    I'm sure at least one or two person out there would like to know this....

    Since playing online is a hazard to getting yourself banned, can one "unjailbreak" a jailbroken ps3 inorder to play online?

    Will updating the system to a newer update cancel this jailbreak? Won't the jailbreak info still be in the system and still be detected?

    There is also rumors of logs being taken down by the ps3 so even if u unattach the dongle, you will still be detected if u go on PSN?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    updating to 3.50 will make it not able to jailbreak, most are saying to reformat HDD or restore PS3 to factory settings before updating to 3.50 to go online.

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    barbnjason Guest
    See the topics that have already been answred on this matter.

    Remove any trace of JB

    Remove PS3 JB Help

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