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    Can OFW 3.70 be downgraded to CFW 3.55?

    Hi all.

    i was stupid enough to update my 3.50 version to 3.70 few weeks ago (which i regret) Now there is a new one 3.72.

    Is there any way to downgrade 3.70 to 3.55?

    If not, i guess i will update to the newest OFW 3.72.


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    Not by software only. You're going to need to get an E3 or Progskeet. Progskeet will downgrade, but is a solder solution. It will downgrade and allow dual boot of 3.72 OFW and 3.55 CFW, with 2 Hard drives.

    If you're already at 3.70, you may as well go up to 3.72 and enjoy PSN.

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    you have a fat or slip PS3?

    I'm trying to downgrade my 3.70 80GB CECHG (fat) using an Infectus 2 (NAND dumping) - so far, no luck

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