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Thread: can i upgrade games?

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    BshadoW Guest

    can i upgrade games?


    i got a jail broken ps3 with firmware 3.41.. if i load a game from external hdd and the ps3 asks for me to update the game to lets say for example version 1.01. can i allow it? or i put my ps3 at risk?

    thank you

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    danielk01 Guest
    with some game you can do update, with other not. But it will not upgrade your ps3 so don't worry !

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    BshadoW Guest
    thanks, but will it send anything telling sony im using jb?

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    Nope. And you can still update some games via downloads of updates, for that I recommend you the Awesome Update Finder application or find them with your PC here:

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    sejmon Guest
    already know if you are using jb or not

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