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Thread: Can I update over a PS3 update help?

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    BlackStallion Guest

    Can I update over a PS3 update help?

    hey all.. so good new with the PS3's both of them are now functioning and boot up to the XMB no problem.. turns out it was a bluray problem like a few of you suggested. well anyway. my issue now is that neither disc drives want to work.. they spin up but do not read the disk. i replaced a laser and that made no difference. so i did some looking around and it seems to be a result of the update i used.

    note: i did not get the update from the official PS website.. probably where my downfall is. anyway!.. my question is.

    can i update OVER my current firmware with the same firmware without using a flasher?

    for example. my PS3's are on the current 4.31 firmware.. no mods, nothing. but i got it from a random site (bad idea). so now i'm wanting to install the same 4.31 only downloaded from the PS site. can i do this without a flasher?

    i have the flasher installed, but its being a bit buggy, and i thought if i could do a simple fix it would be better. thanks.. sorry if it sounds a bit complicated.

    edit: i'm wanting to install this official update because my BD isn't reading discs. i think that should fix it

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes you can Install OFW 4.31 over CFW 4.30 that shows 4.31 in system menu.

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