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    [UnAnswered] Can I still upgrade my ps3 to v1.32?

    I have a japanese version ps3 ver 1.0 firmware. I know I don't want to upgrade to 1.5 or the possible upcoming iso loader may not work. Is the 1.32 firmware still available from sony or do I need an alternate source for that?

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    If you can find the 1.32 install file.

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    You should be able to upgrade to it by downloading it and then installing via the external source feature in the update menu. Make sure you're disconnected to the internet, that way it can't check what version is the latest. However, it's pointless because you still won't get online...

    Oh and how do you know the ISO loader works on 1.32 or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kutibah View Post
    Oh and how do you know the ISO loader works on 1.32 or not?
    PS3News assured it to us after talking with the Gods


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