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Thread: Can I put an 80gb int hdd with 3.61 in my 3.55 PS3?

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    KerKid Guest

    Roll Eyes Can I put an 80gb int hdd with 3.61 in my 3.55 PS3?

    Can I put a 80gb int hdd with 3.61 in my 40gig kiosk/demo with 3.55 PS3? Or will it upgrade it?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It won't work, you'll have to reformat it (Erasing all the data) and the PS3 will stay on 3.55.

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    KerKid Guest
    all I'm worried about is upgrading. I'll just copy the couple games I have on my int to my ext and upgrade. I have a 500gb sata hd I was thinking of putting it in there but its so much easier using it as a external. So its good to know I wont upgrade by putting in a hdd that came out of a system with 3.61. I just want more room I don't wanna swap. (like the new hard mod swapping)

    Right now I'm happy with my 3.55 and hard drive twice the size. Well even better. lol. Just wasn't sure if it would some how force a 3.61 upgrade.

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