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    VogrBurn Guest

    Can I play online with PS3 CFW 4.XX help?

    Hi Guys, I want to know if my Slim PS3 with CFW 4.xx can go online for playing the multiplayer part of my games? I can play only games on original BD or also the backup games or nothing? What are the risks if i play online?

    Sorry for my english, but I am Italian

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    alchybear Guest
    the main firmware used to play online is rogero 4.30 cfw, this allows back ups and games to play online, DO NOT PLAY BLACK OPS 2, they see your console is modified and report and ban immediately. do not play multiman or any unsigned homebrew when signed in to prevent a ban. you will always be risking when signed in on a hacked console.

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    VogrBurn Guest
    So I can play all my games (backups or original games) online with Rogero 4.30? I don't need any homebrew for sing in with my PSN account and play online?

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    hilongo Guest
    Alchybear said it very clearly ... one thing you have to be aware of is the trophies earned for games that came out before it's official launch date... If you play a game before it's launch date, the trophies you win will have the date associated to them, and that date could grant you a ban when you go online and sync your trophies.

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