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Thread: can i play my ps1n2 backups on my ps3?

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    elser1 Guest

    can i play my ps1n2 backups on my ps3?

    hi, just wondering if i can play my ps1n2 backups on my ps3.. yes its a launch 60gig pal unit that plays ps1n2 discs.

    there is one game i love and thats all i want it for. i think it was on "capcom classics" the game is ghosts n' goblins.. my fave game growing up in the 80s. i HAVE IT SOMEWHERE ON PS2 BACK UP. can't find it to try out.. can't seem to get the game for ps3.. need it bad LOL

    any help would be great. i have a chipped ps2 in storage also but want it for my ps3.. can i use swap magic or something whatever its called on my ps3 for this.. i'm on 3.60ofw atm..


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    nellj Guest
    You can play your PS2 backups using Open PS2 Loader. You will need swapmagic 3.8+ and it can only run backups from a usb device, extrenal hard drive or SMB (network shared folder with properly named PS2 iso's residing in it).

    I'm personally using the SMB option. You can find more info here:

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