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    Roaf Guest

    Can I play MW3 online help?

    I've enabled the psn since rogero implemented in its CFW, Can I play MW3 online? If its ask for game update can I update and play?

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    popshopadop Guest
    yes it is possible but its a little annoying to get it working.

    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnsmith View Post
    Blade, Well when I finally figured out to use ps3 tools to extract the original patch, then it was good from there. I had to use the files from kalaner because I'm guessing the ones I DLed were bad.

    kalaner I pretty much followed Blade's instructions step by step. The only difference with me is that after deleting the game data, I installed the the zombiekillah v103 patch. Here's the way I did it:

    PS3: Delete all game-data from mw3
    PS3: installed mw3 patch v103 (zombiekillah)
    PS3: I installed the fix-bundle of 1.19-1.20-1.21 (100MB) [the ones you supplied worked]
    PC: then I downloaded the originalpatches 1.22 and 1.23 for MY version: bles01431 (you do yours ofc) [still used yours]
    PC: Extracted both, copied 1.23 over 1.22 (overwrite all files). [used ps3 tools]
    PC: Extract the new nodrm 1.23 fix and copy &replace to the folder from above (EXCEPT PARAM.SFO) [only 3 files]
    PC: Edit the PARAM.SFO (which would be the one from 1.23-original) to set FW-ver to 3.40 ->save/replace [i did 3.40 and worked fine for me]
    Then copy all files over to your ps3 to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01431 (you do your ID ofc)
    PS3: Mount game & play (for online FckPSN is needed ofc)

    Just a heads up. It didn't work the first time I did it. I'm guessing it was because the patches I grabbed were perhaps bad? But I'm happy to say that I'm fully online and just finished my first spec ops survival match!

    Thanks to everyone!!!

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    Roaf Guest
    Can you tell me the links ? Because there are no links for download where can i get them ?


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