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    Can I play EUR games on JB USA version console?

    Can I play EUR games on JB USA version console?

    I want to know if I should download the EUR version games on my US PS3, or if I'm just wasting my time downloading them.

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    Yes it is possible, you can play EUR or JPN on your USA console.

    Just a few Japanese games are region locked, but in general you should be able to play games with other regions than your console.

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    Sweet! Verry nice. Thank you.

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    All games are region-free except some japanese games are region locked

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    how do you get a downloaded copy of a ps3 game to work i.e move the file from a desktop and unto a external fat 32 drive?

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    Yes because all PS3 games are region free and can be played on any console.

    @1nfa76 You can use blackboxs or cjpcs ftp server on PS3 and use filezilla or any other ftp client on your pc to transfer games. Next time can you please open a seperate thread asking your problem instead of hijacking others.

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