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Thread: can I mess ps3 files in dev_flash ?

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    denunes Guest

    can I mess ps3 files in dev_flash ?

    i find the file 'libdivxdec.sprx' and others that have divx in the name of the file, like divx311.

    my question is: can i mess with this files and boot normaly the ps3? or it will fail the boot process, resulting in a brick or sort of?
    i like to see a library that can handle divx7 so it will have the mkv support.

    that's the final goal. but i'm a rookie in this.

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    EiKii Guest
    Both yes and no, no write acess to dev_flash, but you can use jaicrab usb loader, that would let you mess around with the files on a usb stick, with no risk of bricking the console that i know of, that would be the safest and only way for now, ideal for the things you want to try imo.

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