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Thread: Can I install a 1TB laptop HDD into my PS3?

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    torp Guest

    Lightbulb Can I install a 1TB laptop HDD into my PS3?

    I have a spare 1TB laptop hard drive that I salvaged from a dead computer. Is it possible to replace the original old 80GB PS3 hard drive with this one?

    Will the PS3 format the new 1TB hard drive and then treat it like a fresh format? And can I do this on a freshly downgraded PS3?

    Is it better to do this before or after a downgrade?

    Thanks in advance, guys.

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    scott7seven Guest
    you can get a usb adapter kit, format it to fat 32, and use it externally

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes if its 9.5mm in height. You can format it on PC as NTFS or the PS3 will format it.

    Have your current CFW or OFW that your on ready on a USB too install. First you can also backup your 80GB using the PS3 backup Utility to an external hdd. Then install new hdd and have firmware ready to install

    Once installed, use Restore Backup Utility on PS3.

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    torp Guest
    So if I have it downgraded on 4.30 Rogero, I should have 4.30 Rogero on the USB stick as well?

    What purpose does this serve? Why do we need this step?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes you will need Rogero 4.30 on a USB stick Because the hdd will be formatted and it will need to reinstall Rogero 4.30

    That is how it always has been when changing hdd's. Just the memory of what Firmware was previously installed is stored in the PS3.

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