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    Can i get OtherOS back help?


    I have a PS3 fat that id like to get otheros back on. I'm wondering if there is anyway to do this without risking a PSN ban. I just want to be able to install linux on my PS3 again. I've seen a lot of posts about jailbreaking and stuff but i have no desire to run game backups or homebrew. Is there a way to just unlock OtherOS?


    PS: Haven't been on the site since they removed OtherOS. Thanks

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    Feb 2010
    You can downgrade your ps3 to fw version 3.15, which will give you the os option back.

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    Will that still let me play on PSN and watch BD's?

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    no, you'd be on firmware version 3.15

    There's no way to have otherOS and PSN/ latest firmware at the minute when there is you'll hear about it

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    For Blu Ray playback you shoul backup your flash's or the data needed , it shoul be in the downgrade Tutorial.

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    Ok thanks guys, so short answer is theres no easy way to maintain the current system and just open up OtherOS. Man i hate Geohot.

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