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    Can game updates block my JB ?

    Hello, guys

    Before I started using JB, I bought Little Big Planet, because the game is pretty for my girlfriend. I have 1 original DUALSHOCK 3 joypad and 1 non-original.

    In some games I can play with 2 these joypads (fightings), but LBP can't be playable for 2 players with non-original joypad (same for GT 5 Prologue). I heard that LBP needs 2 original pads to play 2 players, also that there is update which allows playing 2 players with non-original joypads. If this is true, I would like to download "LittleBigPlanet Patch 1.23" from this site.

    So, if I update LBP to v1.23, will it be possible to play on non-original pad ? Anyone tested ?

    Would be good if YES, but if NOT, will this update (or any other) NOT change some part of firmware to block use of JB ? I know it's not the same as firmware 1.42, but I would like to know.

    My firmware: 3.41 FIXED


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    Game updates have no impact on FW version and can't affect JB functionality.

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    However Sony could (in future game releases) require higher firmwares and auto-update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F1R3WALL View Post
    However Sony could (in future game releases) require higher firmwares and auto-update.
    They already do that MoH needs 3.42

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    Sorry for my English

    Yeah, it's obvious to me that games will require higher firmware, because $ony wants to survive

    So, it's impossible for 100%, because it needs (for example) different mode of working PS3 to block JB's ?

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    Game Updates do not and never will stop your JailBreak from working. However like mentioned above games may be released such as medal of honour that require the 3.42+ update. However the medal of honor firmware check is bypassable and jopefully that will be the case with future games.

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    What's to stop game updates from adding FW dependacy to games? Granted, you can always uninstall them (the games) but they can easily prevent using game updates on JB'ed machines, I imagine.

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