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    bublik462 Guest

    Cool Can edit firmware of blu-ray drive on ps3 ?

    can edit firmware of blu-ray drive on ps3 ? on linux os ?

  2. #2
    doggydawg Guest

    Big Grin

    NO ... ... as far as i know , you need a modchip to do something like that ...

  3. #3
    pockets69 Guest
    no you can't modify the drive firmware not even with a modchip... with the modchip (infectus) you can modify "normal" firmware updates, but not the firmware in the blu-ray drive...

  4. #4
    speedy1337 Guest
    Why do you need that ?

  5. #5
    CJPC Guest
    For what its worth, the firmware on the Blu-Ray drive is encrypted- Sony learned their lessons when the 360 got backups running like that!

  6. #6
    Anthogno Guest
    Lol, why would u ever do that?

    + who would write that new firmware?

  7. #7
    CJPC Guest
    The idea is, forgetting that its encrypted is not to write new firmware, just to modify old firmware. Specifically to always return a proper answer on a disk media/valid disk check.

  8. #8
    trapicheo Guest
    The firmware, which I know cannot be modified. Only you can touch in the memory flash of her ps3 with a mod-chip, but well that could edit the firmwares of her ps3.

    A greeting to all.

  9. #9
    cfwprophet Guest
    Not right, we can correct the flash with ECC tool ! This meens we can edit the ps3īs FW !


    @ CJPC

    does this meen that every game ask for the validation of the BD FW?

  10. #10
    djg Guest
    I'm hoping the ECC tool will open up a lot of new fixes, such as getting rid of DVD & BD region coding which is technically illegal here in Australia.

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