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Thread: Can anyone help put PS3 cheat to this save data?

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    SquallLeonHart Guest

    Can anyone help put PS3 cheat to this save data?

    hi all and thanks to anyone try to help me out. the game is dark souls bles-1402

    this is the save data:

    and this is the codes:
    Bruteforce Save Data evolving, dark Seoul corresponding. DARK SOULS with ARTORIAS OF THE ABYSS EDITION On top of Key is not found, it was given up because it was special there about 20 files also save data in, but it re-challenge because I had become retrofittable with Bruteforce Save Data1.4.2.
    There is no checksum, it is reflected by rewriting with search as number of status. It will reflect the character file data is stored in two, and fiddling either. Or USER.DAT, (starting from the data. 0 numbers to enter is different in x) xUSER.DAT. It varies Which is reflected by play situation.
    ※ stamina HP and is reset at level fluctuation. And be increased significantly to temporarily care.
    86-xxxx strength
    8E-xxxx memory
    96-xxxx endurance
    9E-xxxx muscle
    A6-xxxx workmanship
    AE-xxxx physical force
    B6-xxxx faith
    CA-xxxx humanity
    CE-xxxx endurance
    By two bytes from the EC
    Possession Seoul 99999999
    The status, because there is balance with the level, or safest to increase the only possession Seoul.
    As for equipment, it is not well understood. Weapon ID of 1 9EC-xxxxxxxx belongings. Durability of the weapon to +10 h from there. Weapon has changed Rewriting the weapon ID, but the meaning of the string between the endurance and weapon ID is unknown. Start at the time of knights, equipment possession address had been as follows.
    Rather than possession, equipment address weapons-shield item is 16 bytes from 270. I suspect 16-byte's armor from 290. Without rewriting is here, it is modified if Naose equipped.
    9EC-xxxxxxxx weapon 1
    A40-xxxxxxxx Armor 1
    A5C-xxxxxxxx Armor 2
    A78-xxxxxxxx Armor 3
    A94-xxxxxxxx Armor 4
    After obtaining a kite shield of AE8-xxxxxxxx tower, I added here.
    0003383D-Hard Leather Armor +5
    Pattern of 00033C20-straight sword
    Helmet 0005F370-knight
    Armor 0005F758-knight
    Small Jia 0005FB40-knight
    Instep of 0005FF58-knight
    Large bow of 00125B38-dragon hunting
    Kite Shield of 001627E0-tower
    Shield of 00167DD0-black knight
    Large shield +5 0016F6ED-Havel
    the site in japan but i used google translate. i really want 99999 in both hp and stamina and 1000 in equipment load

    sorry i am not good in using bruteforce tried for like 4 days with no hope

    ty all

    seems its hard to hack this save except for Japanese

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    racer0018 Guest
    I am gone for the day but I will be back tonight and I have the game, I will see what I can do with it. Thanks.

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