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    Can anyone help with PSN issues?

    I have a PS3 60G MODEL CEHC 04. From a couple of months from now my ps3 started to turn off itself when I played heavy graphic games as BATTLEFIELD 1943, FINAL FANTAY 13, GTA 4 OR DRAGON AGE2. I took the ps3 to the technician he said it was getting hot and he made the cleaning and changed the silver paste. My ps3 is not gettin hot anymore but it keeps the same error. Another technician told me that this can be a firmware problem, when I updated my ps3 to version 4.21

    now when I play fifa 12 after a head to head game, my connection on EA SERVERS goes down but no my PSN. MY psn account it stays online. I need to jailbreak my ps3 to fix it? I downloaded some files but they come with password and to download them i need to register my cell phone and i don't feel like it. can anyone help me please please?

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    beware of that password needed register your phone thing its most likely a scam. there is no cfw for 4.21 yet you will need to downgrade fw with a flasher etc.

    that being said i think your ps3 may have overheated too much and damaged the graphics chip or something. the 60g models are designed faulty etc etc. jailbreaking will not fix the problem.

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    Oh, I see. Is there a way to fix it? Or should I simply retire it and sell it to someone who wanna fix it? My ps3 is european and I live in Brazil, we don't have sony assistance here. I think you are absolutely right, it got heated too much and it must have damaged something on the graphic board. Thank you for the answer "elser1"

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    yes indeed it could be a over heat issue indeed, if you run into problems, msg me and i can walk you step by step to get it fixed i had one similar and i got it to work it take roughly about an hour to fix when being walked through.


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    Most likely the EA servers, I've experienced a lot of problems with them too (lag and random disconnecting). Do your other games work flawlessly on PSN?

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    you might have to call sony and ask for a replacement if you warranty is still active or pay a few bucks my friend payed 100-200 bucks for a replacement and a guy on youtube got his ps3 replaced for free!!! i forgot what he did but oh well...

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