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Thread: Call of Duty MW3 PS3 hacks help?

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    Anarchy1986 Guest

    Question Call of Duty MW3 PS3 hacks help?

    I dont know where is the right place to post this but does anyone knows of a good hack for call of duty MW3 please!

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    racer0018 Guest
    Are you talking hacks for single player or online. Cause if it is online I don't think anyone will help you with that.

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    Anarchy1986 Guest
    Thank you for the reply... yes it's online.. i play online for sometime already and i know there are some aimbots or wallhacks and most of the people use it ..

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    NTA Guest
    Most of what people? The ones that usually end up being banned?

    You're better off looking somewhere else, because this isn't that kind of place lol

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    Anarchy1986 Guest
    I know this isn't the place lol being banned? they are there every day and don't tell me you've never hack an online game! LOL

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    JeoWay Guest
    Please don't use mods online. If you want to have fun with mods and be fair to others, please use Single Player Mods.

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    dyceast Guest
    The steps needed to do what you want to do OP is not easy and has a big of risk of banning

    The people you may see online cheating are either:

    1: Careless if the get caught and banned
    2: Have access to alot of PS3's aka I.D's

    If you are dying to cheat then try adding a cheater and become buddies with him... I doubt you will get help on here for cheating online, online cheaters kill the game

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    JeoWay Guest
    MW3 is old now and you cant get banned for anything now. Still, cheating is stupid (online)

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    dyceast Guest
    MW3 wasn't really my main focus, it was about online modding in general. It ain't about installing a couple of files and your away laughing etc.

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    Mahadewa Guest
    use mods online can make your consoles id be banned by sony. so its will safe if you use mode on offline mode game.

    btw, can banned ps3 be unbanned with some tools or software?

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