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    keven007 Guest

    Call of Duty maps help?

    Hi, i only will download and install the First Strike map pack for Black Ops, but it seems that i make anything wrong because they doesn't appear in the game, what should i make to run it correctly?

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    Tek9 Guest
    As far as i know map packs require activation through PSN for them to work if you downloaded them then i doubt it will work.

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    keven007 Guest

    Confused Thanks, but...

    I tried to download it from this site and it doesn't work, I know that I must activate it, but where...

    Because I can't enter the maps without game, and so I can't download the activation link.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    it can't be done, no matter where you download the actual pkg from CoD will require the files be activated through PSN, there is no current way around this. There is no current way to access (retail) PSN to even purchase the map pack let alone activate pkgs.

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