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Thread: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Official Patches help?

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    razor1993 Guest

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops Official Patches help?

    Hi PS3 News! i'm searching all the Update Patches for the Game : Call of Duty: Black Ops! I have the European Version with the ID : BLES01105

    i'm searched everywhere and i couldn't find anything! i tried with the Game Updater 1.4.1 but this only find the newest one, and this one i couldn't use because it has the new Keys! i hope someone knows all the patches or has it's own database.

    Thx to everyone who helps me!

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    Someone here may have them archived if only the new ones can be obtained using THIS method... or maybe check the PSN/Debug database pages for some older ones also:

    PSN (Retail):


    PS3 Index:

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    elser1 Guest
    have you tried using A.N.U.S. to search for them? it will usually show all updates..

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    iMarty Guest
    Great name But works great also.

    But i still like to use the ps3 net way.

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