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Thread: Call of Duty Black Ops with no BR disc help?

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    Eduarpack Guest

    Call of Duty Black Ops with no BR disc help?

    Is there a way to play Call of Duty black ops [BLUS30591] without BR discs?

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    severusx Guest
    Do you have a broken BD drive? If not, I would just run it with a disc in the drive. I have found that most games prefer this anyway.

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    Eduarpack Guest
    Yeah it's broken (actually it just doesn't read any cd's)

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    severusx Guest
    Gotcha, I don't have Black Ops myself, but if it won't launch from app_home then you can try an eboot mod:

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    Eduarpack Guest
    I downloaded the modded one but it's a pkg file with a size of 700kb+ and i tried installing it but it failed at 14% on kmeaw 3.55.

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    tim132 Guest
    Can you not run it with MultiMAN from an external drive using the "select + X" method?

    I always run it with a disc in but maybe this method works also?

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    severusx Guest
    The "select+x" feature ONLY works with a disc in the drive. You may need to delete the game data using the Game Data tool in the xmb before applying the modded eboot. I have only used a couple of those, but they worked fine for me. It will add another title to your Game category from which you can launch the game.

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