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Thread: Call of duty 6 mw 2 folder structure?

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    AlexanderV26 Guest

    Call of duty 6 mw 2 folder structure?

    Hello, would any one be able to post the folder's id for Call of Duty 6, MW 2, Europe. For eg: BLUSxxxxxx.
    Thank you!

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    sonycantstopus Guest
    If you have the game already you can find out the folder id by locating the BLESxxxxx\PS3_GAME\param.sfo, open the file on your pc with note pad.

    you will see a lot of txt, ignore all that and look at the bottom of the txt to find your BL code

    Hope that helps, if not there's a lot of guides on here explaining how to find your content ID for anygame.

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    AlexanderV26 Guest
    sonycantstopus: 10x! Opening param.sfo with notepad did the trick!

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