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    [UnAnswered] Which to buy?

    I am ready to buy either, PS3, XBOX 360, or WII. Which one should I buy and why? I currenly have PS2, PSP, PS1, and Nintendo DS. I have smaller kids (ages 1,3,6,7) that will start playing video games more often in the near future. I as a gamer only play sports games and once in a while I play SOCOM online.

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    Xbox 360 is the best imo!! But only because of more game selection, better graphics than the rest, the controller is nicer than ps3 (i like the rumble) and well ofcourse!!! eh hem Flashing is also available hahaha

    I have all three and i must say i play 360 more than all of them, at first i thought i would love the wii but i got very bored VERY FAST!!! Also im tired of these kiddie games they come out with and continue to come out with, but thats just me...

    also, for everyone check out my myspace! I have pictures of all three consoles and the way i decaled them (yes decal its boring but cheaper haha)
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    i would go with a 360. i personally have a ps3, ps2. the ps3 won't be good until after march. then i would say go with the ps3.

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    If you liked your Playstation games, then get a PS3. The Xbox games don't necessarily align themselves similarly to the Playstation games.

    I think you should get a Wii just because you have kids and it seems like you don't really play video games at all.

    If you have an HD set though, I'd recommend the PS3...what with the fact that every game out for it outputs in 720p and it has a blu-ray player.

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    PS3 and Wii that way when you do occassionaly play online you don't have to pay for the time you aren't playing. You will soon have a wide selection of games and HD quality on everything. You can hide away your other systems (PS2 and PS1) and play wirelessly.

    Wii is just awesome though, the simplicity and excitement is impossible to match (SPAMING: Hope I can start coding soon) I guarentee you won't regret the buys. X360 is just a yeh, w/e system that people feel forced into getting. Just my opinion.

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    PS3 Square Button

    Basically wii if you want nintendo games; then for 360 v PS3. 3rd party games will basically be on both consoles so if you want halo and gears go get a 360 and if you want FF12 and MGS plus God of War/Heavenly Sword get a PS3.

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    I have to say I love my PS3 but I'm SO hungry for new games.

    I've beaten Resistance a few times now, played 50+ games of madden, beat and resold carbon and on my carrer in FNR3 I'm like 40-3-0 with 40 KO's and I'm still getting 1st or 2nd round KO's on these guys.

    Perhaps I'll enjoy FF7 yet one last time before some more good games hit the PS3. Personally I'm going to die of anticipation waiting for MGS4 and RE5.

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    djwhetzel, I agree with the fact that you can spend more time on the X360 and it plays well and looks gorgeous, but the value of the PS3 takes more time then its been given. PS3 game selection blows right now, but for the time being getting your hands on one and beating Resistance or playing PS2 games on it has a thrill that is unmet by the X360. The only time I felt like that was playing a downloaded game on X360 and playing GoW.

    SO if you feel like waiting for good games...or you think beating resistance will take the weeks in between game releases, get PS3.

    Get Wii too...too cheap to pass up for the games it gives (Think about it, its less than N64 at launch (considering inflation) and the titles are already golds)

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    Yes it's a *might* (btw I suck at lotto), but I think there is very little hope for anything much more spectaular than Gears of War on X360, especially while its in competition. A few titles, as with any other system will stand out, but nothing will say "Buy Me" quite like seeing a title from a game you knew was amazing for gameplay, and now it has graphics too.

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    In my opinion, right now, if you want to buy a console buy a 360.

    In 6 months? Buy a ps3.

    Simply put, the 360 wins currently only due to the games, nothing more. Currently the 360 has far superior games but the ps3 is in itself, a better console.

    So in summary, if you're looking to buy right now get a 360. If you're looking to buy in 3-6 months get a ps3.

    Personally I have both 360 and ps3. Wii isn't even a contender for the serious gamer.

    Currently my 360 is out of action due to an accident, but im bringing it back to life at the weekend

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