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    Well i have all three consoles and i have got to say 360 is the one i play most!!! the live is sooooo GREAT!! I mean like djwhetzel said with sony online you "Get what you pay for" its um ok but nothing to preach about...I love my live i use it for way more than just playing online, arcade games, getting hd movies, and getting funny episodes of shows like southpark and robot chicken (shout to the black cherry episode hahahaha), dont get me wrong..i loooooove resistance (beat it twice) but gears/lost planet/Fear!!! tooo much fun to keep from getting

    anyway coming from someone who owns all three i have to agree with djwhetzel!! I play my 360 more than any of them, i have a feeling wii is gonna fade for me...too many kiddie games!! and the controller is cool at first but got SUPER OLD SUPER QUICK but thats just for me....

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    You can't recommend buying a Xbox360 over a PS3 just 'cause the games isn't there on PS3 yet. In 1 year the PS3 will own the Xbox360! If you've been a Sony-owner and got kids, Sony's the way to go (oh, and add a Wii if you can afford it, I will )

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    Look, if you want to buy a video game console NOW and want really good games that are out NOW, then get an Xbox 360. If you like what Sony has offered in the past with their consoles, then get a PS3. If you just want something to please your kids, get a Wii. It's as simple as that. The only thing that should matter is games because all that other crap (blu-ray and hd-dvd) is superfluous in the long-run.

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    I think many things are being overlooked. First off I have none of the systems, but I also am ready to buy one. I am a serious gamer so the Wii is out of the question. What people have not been mentioning are things other than games. Sure I want a great gaming platform, but when dishing out that much money I want more. If you have a psp then the psp to ps3 connectivity is cool and should favor buying a ps3.

    In terms of media center capabilities the Xbox 360 seems to be leagues of the PS3, but hopefully some PS3 firmware updates will make it better. What about the future, Xbox 360 is going to have an IPTV based system wher you can use your system as a pvr, with the PS3 you can install Linux and currently do that now. And the hard drive is bigger than the PS3. What is really important to be is HD movie playback from my PC. The only true way to do it streaming is if you use a wireless N connection, but PS3 only supports up to wireless G.

    The only reason I'd buy a 360 is for GOW. I think I am just going to wait it out for a bit and see what sony has to offer (I might wait for Metal Gear), but then things were be more fair. Who knows what will happen in the future, with the success of the 360 many developers are jumping to make games for the 360 because it is easier and there are more systems out there right now. Hell GOW broke the top 10 in Japan!!! So predicting the future is just not possible at this time, all you can do is wait. For now I stick to my PC gaming and will get a console that suits my needs in the future.

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