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    theinfinite Guest

    Burning or backing up PS3 games help?

    I've been wondering if burning/copying & ripping PS3 games can be done? If not, I've heard of a back up manager but, it has been said that if this is done, one runs the high risk of being banned permanently from the PSN and your account terminated and blacklisted. Is all of this true? Please anyone shed some info on this subject. Thanks

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    technodon Guest
    backup managers allow you to copy your games to the ps3 internal hard drive or a usb external drive your console needs to be on firmware 3.55 though as for being being banned i have been trying to get my console banned since the original 3.41 firmware jailbreak.. i succeeded in being banned from black ops because of a prestige hack i've not had a PSN ban yet although i received a email from sony telling my to install their official 3.55 firmware a long time ago when geohot was on the scene. i just ignored it..

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    You can't access or communicate with PSN in tandem with using backup copies of games. Not possible.
    Sony wouldn't and haven't banned anyone for having hacked PS3s or backup copies of games.

    It is possible to use backups from discs, but it's impractical.

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    LoneCrusader Guest
    If you are not sure what you are doing, dont even try it as you are bound to make a clanger

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    Tr00pEr Guest
    I haven't cracked my PS3, just because it was very expensive at 3/4 years ago and don't want to break it, or be blocked from online.

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    krazyteeth Guest
    Can't I play backed up games without downgrading ps3 firmware?

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    theinfinite Guest

    PS3 video game burning/ripping/copying

    I hear that burning/ripping/copying are not possible because there is a chip inside that detects if the disc is original or not. Is this true?

    How can the back up manager be installed and not get anyone blacklisted from PSN?

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    Martg Guest
    I somehow dont think that is true when some games work straight from hdd without a disc.

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    sonyfanatic Guest
    Depends on the game.

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    NewAgeRipper Guest
    Yes, this would be interesting to find out. I recently realized I had a memory card folder that said PS2 in it and was wondering if that somehow relates to either PS2 disc, or just for the PS2 downloads you can get.

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