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    friedps123 Guest

    A Bunch of questions about gamesharing

    Hey guys, I am going to attempt to gameshare for the first time ever with my friend who I know in person, and I trust... But I have a lot of questions first.

    Please answer 1 by 1:

    1: Will you still get the infamous trophy error by changing your password or e-mail account?

    2: Can we use my friends alternate PSN account to do the game share?
    i.e.(He downloads the map pack onto the second account, gives me the password and e-mail and I download it from his Alt account.)

    3: (This is another question referring to the one above) Do I have to download the game from the same account that actually bought it with the credit card?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate any help.

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    idone Guest
    1. not sure
    2 yes
    3 yes you have to login to his account and start the download, after that you never need to login to it again (but it does need to remain activated and on your console for the game to work)

    hope that helps

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