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    ThetaSigma Guest

    Broken PS3 laser AGAIN help?

    I bought a CECHC03 ps3 a while back with a broken laser. I ordered a new laser, and installed it. It worked for about 5 minutes, loading up whatever i put in it. I was playing uncharted for a bit, when it wanted me to install something to do with system software 1.10. I let it do its thing, and continued playing for a while. I then realized the voices stopped being loaded, and exit the game.

    The ps3 had decided not to run discs once more, which leaves me with the question of whether or not the laser has gone and died AGAIN, or it is something else like the motor (which i cannot hear).

    How loud should the motor be? also, how fast should the ps3 heat up, as mine heats up quite fast.

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    which motor do you mean, the spinning part that spins the disc or the motor that shifts the laser. Neither would make a lot of noise but the spinning part would make a soft buzzing sound when loading up a disc and the moving laser would little to no sound.

    If no disc loads up it probably broken again , but if you just installed it and maybe broken small time later there is probably something else causing the the defect, hard to say from here.

    If you play intense it would heat up, but just having it on wouldn't heat it up that much.

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    ThetaSigma Guest
    I assumed the part that spins the disc, but it could be the other motor aswell. I don't play intensively, but it does heat up a bit in games.

    I might have to take it to someone to fix it for me -_-

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    a console always heats up, even when you don't play intense, but it also depends on the game, a game like uncharted 2 generates more heat then pixel junkie for example because all the part have to work 100% of their capacity as pixel junkie is a lesser gfx game.

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    ThetaSigma Guest
    Thanks for the help, i'm probably just going to pay for someone to take a look at it, however much it costs.

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    schma Guest
    I had this exact problem and i found out that it was the fan not spinning fast enough. Games played for about 5 minutes. I changed the laser and the same happened again. Opened up the drive and saw that after some minutes the laser started to "vibrate".

    Took a hairdryer with a cold air function and blowed cold air on the disk while playing. This way there was no problem. Bought a new fan for the machine and no problem after that.

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    Bosovond Guest
    I had a similar problem with my PS3 not reading bluray or PS3 games. I ended up opening my system and then the drive and disassembled the laser piece and cleaned both lenses.. since i did that it's been reading flawlessly.

    I'm not an expert but there's plenty of videos on youtube and such to make taking your system apart less intimidating if that's an issue for you. If you're still not comfortable taking it apart though then by all means, don't. Just sharing what solved my problem in hopes that it helps somehow.

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