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    Unhappy [UnAnswered] A broken PS3 after a "pop"

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    It seems like my PS3 died after it made a "pop" when i pulled the power plug from the extension cable. I've tried a couple different sockets and my PS3's red off light won't even turn on. It was not in use prior pulling the power cable, I dont remember if it was on or off, as well i think i turned off the back switch before i pulled the plug.

    I bought it from walmart back on nov11. Return date is way past, and i hope it's still covered under Sony. Anyone heard of this strange encounter? i think something got fried, but it wasn't even hot, it was actually cool in the basement.

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    Sounds to me like you broke where the socket is attached to (power supply) inside the PS3. Similar to what was happening to the xboxs a couple years back. It could turn out to be a simple repair if noting was shorted or you might just be looking at buying a new power supply, Good luck.

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    Whats up with the US? In the UK every electrical appliance like PS3, TV, PSP, Xbox, DS, Microwave etc etc has 12 month warrenty.

    Even if my PS3 I bought back in March went "pop" in 6 months I'd have no doubt Sony Europe would replace it free of charge.

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    I would forsure let sony know about that as it sounds like something in your power supply went, there must be fuses on this power supply, don't have a ps3 myself so i am not sure how to get to the power supply board as that would be the first thing to check.

    The cord is still good i am assuming or did you test it to see if it is good with a ohm meter, hopefully it is not to bad of a problem but wouldn't hurt to get in touch with sony and see what they can do for you.

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    I totally agree, this would be a warranty issue. First inquire about a warranty repair, then go from there.

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    Wow starlight, didnt know you didnt have a PS3, your missing out bro

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    Regardless of what went inside it I cannot see Sony not covering it, it's under 1 year. Best thing to do would be to check with them first, prior to doing anything that might actually void your warranty.

    These days consoles are too expensive and unreliable (first batches that is) to be opening them up and voiding the warranty for my liking.

    That being said, whoever mentioned the possibility of a blown fuse on the power supply is probably on the right track. I would explain the 'pop' sound. Google searching seems to indicate the power supply does indeed have a fuse. According to this document (attached below) it appears to be fairly simple to replace as well. Of course, I am not saying this document is 100% accurate, and following it would be something you do at your own risk... like I said earlier, I'd try and go through Sony first.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    As long as you haven't voided your warranty in any way, SONY should repair or replace your PS3 for at most the cost of shipping.

    If you don't want to wait or if you don't want to pay shipping try wal-marting the PS3 again this time just tell them it was a gift and when it powered on nothing came on the screen or anything.

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    Do US plugs have fuses like UK plugs ? Have you tried changing the fuse if it has one ?

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    Am I the only one that caught "extension cable"? If you had some kind of extension cord, don't tell Sony if you're going to send it back to them.


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