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    [UnAnswered] Broke my PS3 Blue-ray drive

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    I was doing the hot swap method with ps2 games and then take in the disc stopped working. It wouldn't budge and it didn't make any noise. I got it unstuck but it wont take in DVDs. Can someone help me?

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    Ya, you and many other people who used the swap method to played ps2 games have ended up with broken dvd player.

    So far there isnt a way to repair it w/o changing your blu-ray drive parts. Sorry.

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    Did u break a part or something? I made it successfully, but is kinda hard to break something in there. Can u give details?

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    It happened to me. See this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/playst...elp-77513.html
    I repaired mine by changing the circuit board on the bottom of the BRD as the last picture in that thread shows but I do not actually know which part of the board it is malfunctioning.

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    Sorry but I find it plain dumb to fiddle with a $600 piece of hardware just to play some PS2 backups.

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    I saw a working ps3 drive on Ebay today. Bid was up to $110. That would be an option. An expensive option, but an option nonetheless.

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    your gonna need to give more details bud. Your original post may not seem vague, but it doesnt exactly give much detail either. EG did you force anything were it wasnt supposed to go.

    Also, if you have disconnected any cables and replugged them, i would go back to them replug them making sure there connected.

    try again and see what cracks on.

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    Well when I took the drive apart and inserted a game when i took it off it shot out at me and I replaced the disc fast. but after that it locked up. I am so screwed I put it back together and hid it in my closet.

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    Dude, I dont think thats gonna fix it

    Can you explain abit more what actually happened? Did you take the drive apart with the disc still in? If so, when I have done it before the black runner down the side of the blu ray drive needs pulling back. Also, when you put the top section of the blu ray drive to the bottom section, flick the white plastic leaver back and it should align up better.

    If you replace the entire blu ray drive I know for certain you must have a drive from the same region as you PS3. For example, if you have a PAL system, you need a PAL blu ray drive. A Jap blu ray drive would not work in a PAL system and viser verser. If you can only get a different region drive, swap the circuit board on the bottom of the blu ray drive as this holds the data for the drive being married to the console.

    Hope ya sort it mate,

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    Thats not really going to help him now is it.


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