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    Quote Originally Posted by 31ken31 View Post
    go ahead add dc current to a ac machine (sounds like you had no business even opening the case)

    If you cant afford a new one DONT take it apart...

    Thats the quote of the day
    Actually, the ps3 is probably a direct current machine. It most likely has a 120vac to 12vdc/5vdc, step down transformer, not a 100% sure though. So its probably possible to use an "AA" battery in that manner. (I'd use a plug in power source). Ooooon the other hand, i would'nt suggest this as the best way to start troubleshooting. Aside from there possibly being other mechanics involved in getting the drive to accept a disk, its a possibility that the drive isn't even "alive", meaning it may not even do anything once the disk loaded. Ok, so after having taken a deep breath, i ask that you do not quote me on any of this as i have not even seen the inside of my playstation. Excuse me, i mean PS3.

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    Do you wait 5 minutes before swap?

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    They have some sort of ID in them too..

    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza85 View Post
    If you replace the entire blu ray drive I know for certain you must have a drive from the same region as you PS3. For example, if you have a PAL system, you need a PAL blu ray drive. A Jap blu ray drive would not work in a PAL system and viser verser. If you can only get a different region drive, swap the circuit board on the bottom of the blu ray drive as this holds the data for the drive being married to the console.
    A repair shop in Canada told me that the drives have an ID in them which has to be set to the ID of the console. You can change this number on the drive by re-burning the firmware, however the tools to do this? Anyways, there may be both a region code, and an ID code that have to match up, for the drive to work on your console. Again, this info came from a repair place up in Canada.

    I had the drive in my ps3 die, it would feed fine, but wouldn't ever recognize any disks. It was painful to have only demo's to play, but sony sent a box to me & I was able to get a replacement in just a few days. I mistakenly forgot the controller charging cable, so now I have a spare too! Thankfully they didn't hold up my shipment because I neglected to include this oh-so-important cable.

    I hoped they'd upgrade me to the new 80gb, but no such luck. I didn't even get a rev. 2 unit, it is rev. 1 like my previous one. I will say that Sony has the replacement process down, and I was REALLY happy they sent a prepaid AIR FREIGHT label to get the dead one back to them. This allowed me to track it to them, and they emailed the tracking for the replacement unit too. All very helpful and useful aspects of their replacement process.

    One thing I am VERY dissatisfied with tho [about their replacement policy, is..], my 2 month old ps3 was replaced with a new one, and now I'm stuck with a 90 day warranty on this new one!? HUH!? Yup, it's true the replacements only come with 90day..where is my other 10mos. of warranty?


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