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    garretts228 Guest

    Bridged blu-ray drives power source help?

    Hey, I was modding my console when the wires slipped out of my hands and bridged. The console turned off immediately following a double or tripple beep can quit remember. But now the blueraydrive gets no motor functionality. The system still turns on and plays downloaded games, but the blueray drive does nothing.

    When i push a disk into the slot the blinking blue light comes on, but doesnt suck in my disk. When i play a downloaded game without the blueray drives power source plugged in it doesnt boot the game and just stays at a blank screen, when its plugged in, it boots the game fine. So do I need a new blueray drive or is it my motherboard? Model: CECHL01

    Blueray drives power source connections that were bridged:

    [] <--- this one
    [] <--- this one

    Those are the 2 of the 4 pins that bridged each other. Thanks for any help guys

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Don't know how you did it... or why... but w/e. The good news is the controller board's information didn't get fried... otherwise you wouldn't be able to play games. I don't know if you shorted something directly on that board or not, but you may want to buy another bd-rom drive entirely then place your old controller board on that one (otherwise nothing will work with the new drive)

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    garretts228 Guest
    Thats what i'm planning to do at the time after much testing seeing what works and what doesnt, it seems like the blueray drive got messed not the motherboard sense its putting out voltage. I need someone to tell me what those other two are because i'm getting strange voltage from all of them lol.

    Oh and this was an accident lol I was modding my console and the 2 wires slipped out of my hands at bridged each other.

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