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    geeklogik Guest

    Bricked PS3 need help where to solder?

    Hey guys bricked ps3 should I don't want to solder tristate to sbe. I am confused whether to solder to 3.3v VCC or the GND. Can you please help out. I bricked by flashing a rogero auto-patched dump. My dumps are good and have been verified by myself and others.

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    technodon Guest
    i'm guessing its progskeet that you have? i think its GND.. might want a 2nd opinion though

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    geeklogik Guest
    sorry its an e3 flasher.

    anyone please desperate!

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    racer0018 Guest
    Tell us what motherboard you have in your ps3. Thanks

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    geeklogik Guest
    jtp-001 all i need is to know where to solder 3.3V vcc or gnd, i know where both points are

    also can someone also state steps after soldering to unbrick? thanks !

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    pinkone Guest
    You can use the point on the flatcable or I use the one in the pic.

    Then to unbrick put your dump on the sdcard and set switch 1 up and the rest down after it's done flashing unplug the ps3 and set switch 1 down and you should be back where you started. I'd then use the e3_downgrade.bin to do your downgrade to 3.55.

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    geeklogik Guest
    thanks guy figured it out myself, you have to cut gnd to tristate wire after you flash with your orig dump. then boot and wallah

    thanks anyways, pls close thread!

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